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About Karen Velandia

Marketing & Business Strategist, Consultant & Entrepreneur

My Story

I'm a marketing & business strategist professional born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. I relocated to Louisiana in 2012 to pursue my career as a marketer, where I obtained my marketing & E-commerce degree and my Master's Degree in Marketing, Communications, and Consumer Behavior from Loyola University of New Orleans.

I started my marketing career in 2013 by coaching small & medium businesses in my area of residence (Covington, LA). While building my portfolio and gaining experience in the field, I discovered my true passion. I had the opportunity to work as Social Media Marketing Specialist for the New Orleans Health Department under the initiative FitNola.  After a couple of years in digital marketing and advertising, in 2016, I was honored to create advertising campaign strategies and case studies as a Google Advertiser Intern/ Associate for 100+ dealerships across the Southeast of the USA.

Digital Minds started by seeing the difficulty many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis with marketing and business strategy. My first approach was to help as much as I could with branding, website design, digital marketing, and online advertising by using inexpensive strategies and tactics for their businesses. However, I knew that my consulting services were going to end up being a large investment for them in the long run.
I understand how hard it is for them to fit a marketing consultant into their budget. For this reason, I realized that what small business owners need is a marketing system to help them stay focus and on track. 

That's how Digital Minds  LA was created! 

I don't only offer the opportunity to take on their entire marketing game to another level but coach and set small & medium businesses up for success. 

In short, I use marketing strategies such as social media marketing, email marketing, sales funnels, and branding. I have launched more than 2,000 marketing campaigns to help different brands in different niches such as real estate, restaurants, physical products businesses, digital services, tech companies, and E-commerce brands, etc and these are generating 7 MILLION in revenue monthly! 

Digital Minds has fulfilled my dream of helping many organizations navigate the complex and always changing environment of online marketing. Let me help you build a strong digital footprint and use it to increase visibility and generate inbound leads. 

Karen  Velandia

My Vision

"Help small & medium businesses tell their story and guide them to transform their business with intelligent marketing". 

Four Marketing Facts About Small Businesses

Important Stats for You!

As a small & medium business marketing coach, mentor & consultant, I am passionate about helping business owners take control of a critical business assets - their online digital presence. My main goal: 

Help your brand create a strong and long term relationship with your customers through digital marketing and branding

Provide expert guidance & support. 

Assist you in creating a powerful web presence.

Help you learn what you need to do to market your business.

Keep you update with the latest marketing trends for your advantage.

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