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What if you could have a shortcut to rank NUMBER ONE on Google without spending money on ads or
hiring expensive agencies?

The fastest, easiest, and yet most effective secrets that Google Experts

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​Here's what you'll get

Monthly updated video trainings "do it with me" of how to manipulate Google Maps to your advantage. (MONTHLY) - Optimize your Google Business Profile from A to Z. 

Step-by-step checklist with the most effective tactics to optimize your Google Business Profile (Works for any businesses of any industry) (UPDATED MONTHLY)

Learn how to authorize Google to publish information about your business and show it to your ideal customers FOR FREE! (MONTHLY HOT SEATS) 

Full Training on how to run a Google Listings Competitors Keyword research. (We will get into your competitors listings brain)


 How to create your own customizable Map on Google and make it visible ALL AROUND TOWN

Quickly increase your business brand awareness and revenue with Google without hiring expensive agencies, buying ads, or hiring a marketing expert. ... even if you're super busy - MONTHLY LIVE Q & A

How to create over 5,000 Google Maps citations around your area of service! (LIVE VIDEOS)

Get at the top of Google without a website and only using your basic information - For Life!

ONLY $49.99/MONTH (for life)



Inside of this Google Maps UNLIMITED Training you'll find...

Step by Step Apple Maps and Bing Places listing creations that have had success in less than 3 weeks. 

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"If you are a business owner who have a local business that is not getting the local visibility it deserves or even if you are just starting to get into the world of local marketing for your business, you are in the right place"

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Inside, there is also something else you need to know...

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You don't have to know anything about SEO.

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You can rank at the top of the search engines without a website.

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You will start seeing a increase on sales, calls, website visits, door visits, by this time next week.

ONLY $1.66/DAY

I'm Karen Velandia

From my desk in Covington, LA

Dear Entrepreneur/ Business Owner,

Inside my marketing coaching firm we focus on advise and create online marketing strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who are in need of efficient, easy, and non-expensive marketing solutions to increase their revenue. 

I have tested and implementing these Google Maps secrets training with over 600 businesses all around the world and the results have been just ABSURDLY AMAZING! 


I have created this training for you where I teach you step-by-step my very own Google Maps secret framework for you to implement it on your local listings.

We are a proud Google Partner so we get the latest tactics that Google won't tell business owners!

Do you want to join me in this journey?

My goal:

Provide you with lots of valuable content & share all the new strategies & tactics we have been learning! We want you to take advantage and create the empire you want your business to be while using our marketing hacks!

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