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Build The Perfect Social Media Business Profile That Drives Sales and Increases Visibility To Your Business Without Spending a Dime 

Have a killer social media business profile and see results in less than 7 days - Guaranteed!

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"Optimize Your Social Media Accounts Step-by-Step"

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​Here's what you'll find

8 Step-by-step checklist with the most effective tactics to optimize your social media business accounts. (Works for any social media account for businesses of any industry)

Your shortcut to Increase sales and customers through social media - Immediately!

Prevent having to spend time and money trying to figure out how to set up her social media accounts trying to have killer social media business profiles 

Discover the best resource at your fingertips to have killer social media business profiles 

 How to Increase revenue through social media marketing - No experience required!

Quickly increase your business brand awareness and revenue in social media without hiring expensive agencies, buying ads, or hiring a marketing expert. ... even if you're super busy

Eliminate stressing about your social media profiles - For Life!


Inside of this FREE checklist you'll find...

A video where I explain how to use this CHECKLIST step-by-step to set up the "most successful" social media business profiles.

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"If you are a business owner who have social media business accounts set up or if you are just starting with social media for your business, you are in the right place"


Inside, there is also something else I want to teach you...

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How to update cover photos and profile pictures correctly. 

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Username, Profile Photos, and Cover Photo tips we use for sucessfull business social media accounts.

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Questions to ask yourself to ensure you have the perfect social media profile for your business. 

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And much more...


I'm Karen Velandia

From my desk in Covington, LA

Dear Entrepreneur/ Business Owner,

Inside my marketing coaching agency we focus on advise and create online marketing strategies for small business owners & entrepreneurs who are in need of efficient, easy, and non-expensive marketing solutions to increase their revenue. 

We have had the privilege to create online marketing & social media strategies for brands such as YelpNola (@yelpnola), New Orleans Health Department (@nolahealthpdept), Sunpro Solar Energy (@goSUNPRO), Salad Station (@thesaladstation), and much more.   

Through my entire 7+ years of experience, I have implemented & tested different tactics to optimize social media accounts until I found the perfect formula. I have created this CHECKLIST where I compiled the step-by-step we use on the daily basis to optimize and create the perfect social media profile for business accounts. 

I'm currently working very hard to consolidate my personal & business brand and build an audience of small business owners & entrepreneurs who are in need of effective and hassle free marketing solutions. 

Do you want to join me in this journey?

My goal:

Provide you with lots of valuable content & share all the new strategies & tactics we have been learning! We want you to take advantage and create the empire you want your business to be while using our marketing hacks!

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